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Tim McLoone's Supper Club
1200 Ocean Avenue
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Sunday, May 30


NJ's Premier Neil Young Tribute Band


Playing the music of Canadian singer, songwriter, musician, Neil Young, has been a lifelong passion for lead vocalist & guitarist, John Hathaway, and he makes no bones about it. Neil Young is the reason he learned to play guitar. For the last 30 years, John has been studiously learning the ins and outs of Neil's work. Perfecting the now famous and unique palm muting technique and one of a kind lead work that are Neil's trademarks. "The guitar work and vocals need to be extremely close for the hardcore fans" states John. "We're re-creating albums or live recordings and I want people to leave thinking they just saw the best thing next to Neil Young in person."

On Sunday, May 30th, Decade will perform the historic, 1969 Neil Young album "Everybody Knows this is Nowhere" in its entirety plus additional bonus material from Neil's extensive catalog. This show will feature many of Neil's greatest hits including "Cinnamon Girl", "Down by the River", "Cowgirl in the Sand". Many of the songs covered also feature John's eerily similar vocals, even given the passage of time from Neil's early days to more current material. Throw in the note for note harmonica parts and an amazing support cast and what you get is one of the closest representations of Neil Young's sound as one band can get. With a keen emphasis on detail, Decade is sure to please even the most avid fan! Don't let the mellow stuff get you too comfortable, you might just get blown away "Like a Hurricane."

Decade is led by front man John Hathaway performing as Neil along with an outstanding group of veteran Jersey Shore musicians including Gordon "Bunker" Strout (guitar), Big John Perry (bass), Joe Napolitano (pedal steel), Billy Siegel (keys), Bob Giunco (drums and percussion) and Pam McCoy (backing vocals).